Recent Beechwood Educational Foundation Grant and Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the undergraduate brothers that received a scholarship from the BEF for their academic performance and leadership service to Zeta Chapter for the 2023 Fall Semester


Jack Anderson
Adam Bolad
Colin Bouchard
Matthew Cancilla
Cameron Carmichael
Jake Cerar
Connor Cotton
Dylan Denlow
Will Dietrick
Adam Ezovski
Jake Goode
Jake Gosser
Charlie Guglilmo
Jarno Hicks
Gibby Husby
Sean Joy
Brock Maxwell
Andrew McDonald
Graham Mosher
Charlie Perine
Wes Rapp
Sam Tabor


Blake Albert
Blake Burns
Nate Cook
Michael Hawkins
Walker Kight
Evan King
Drew Knapp
Johnathan MacAbee
Jake Reasoner
Danny Robinson
Nick Wood


Will Bereshiem
Ian Bouchard
Nick Frische
Phillip Hess
Corbin King
Connor Macho
Matthew Moore
John Wade


Eli Anderson
Will Brackett
George Dickman
Jake Huston
Jackson Kelley
Will Loverdi
Drew Solderstrom
Brandon Strcich

2024 BEF Named Scholarship Grant Recipients
All BEF Named Scholarship Grant recipients must have achieved at least a 3.0 GP for the most recent academic semester and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.  Additional criteria are listed for each named scholarship.

Bierhaus Family Scholarship (Arthur J. [Class of 1914]; Robert V., Sr. [Class of 1922]; Edward G. [Class of 1926] and Robert V., Jr. [Class of 1954]):
Applicants must have served as the Pig Dinner Chairman, Graduate Relations Chairman, or the Hoosier FIJI Chairman for at least one year.

2024 Recipient: Nate Cook

Ray W. Clark (Class of 1914):
Applicants must have served one or more years as a Pledge Educator and as the fraternity father for a Zeta Pledge.

2024 Recipient: Cole Maxwell

Cusick Family Scholarship (A. Michael, Jr. [Class of 1955] and James A. [Class of 1959]):
Applicants must have served one or more years as an elected campus leader.

2024 Recipient: Enzo Diomede
2023 Recipient: Kenny Gibson

George M. Ginn (Class of 1957):
Applicants must have served as an elected Zeta Chapter officer for one or more years or served as an officer of the IU Student Athletic Board (SAB)

2024 Recipient: Brandon Strcich

William H. Keck (Class of 1941):
Applicants must have served as the Zeta Chapter Rush Chairman, the Awareness Program Chairman or the Brotherhood Chairman for at least one year.

2024 Recipient: Blake Burns

Harper B. Miller Scholarship (Class of 1929):
Applicants must have served Zeta Chapter as a pledge class officer.

2024 Recipient: Tyler Lacy
2023 Recipient: Nick Wood

Eugene D. Fletchall (Class of 1932):
Applicants must have served on the IU Foundation as an undergraduate or served as the Cheney Cup chairman for Zeta Chapter.

2024 Recipient: Alex Snively
2023 Recipient: Rocco Zirille

W. Anthony George (Tony) (Class of 1949):
Applicants must have served as the Zeta Chapter Philanthropy Committee Chairman for one or more years or the Zeta Chapter Campus Fund Raising Chairman.

2023 Recipient: Drew Solderstrom

William F. Hillenbrand (Class of 1944):
Applicants must have participated on an IU athletic team or have participated on one or more Zeta Chapter IM sports teams.

2024 Recipient: Corbin King
2023 Recipient: Jackson Kelley

GEM – Gustav and Emilie Mangels (Louis A. “Bud” Mangels) (Class of 1956):
Applicants must have held a Zeta Chapter house job for one or more years, or have been a Little 500 rider, or have been a donor to the Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation or to The Beechwood Educational Foundation for one or more years.

2024 Recipient: Nick Urbanek
2023 Recipient: John Kight

The Jeff M. Fettig Family Scholarship (Class of 1979):
Awarded annually in the Fall semester to the current President of Zeta Chapter in recognition of his dedication to the Fraternity and leadership of Zeta’s undergraduate Chapter.

2024 Recipient: Ryan Koehler
2023 Recipient: Eli Anderson

Brock “Crocker” Gordon Memorial Scholarship (Class of 1979):
Awarded annually in the second semester to a Junior in Zeta Chapter that has characteristically built friendships inclusive of all Zeta FIJI members and has collectively made a high-level contribution to the Chapter’s intramural sports program while also maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA.

2024 Recipient: Nick Frische
2023 Recipient: George Dickman

Mark “Leon” Laesch Memorial Scholarship (Class of 1976):
Awarded annually in the second semester to a Junior in Zeta Chapter that has best exemplified and promoted brotherhood within the undergraduate chapter while maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and is active in the intramural sports program.

2024 Recipient: John Wade
2023 recipient: Brandon Strcich