4 Point Program

The 4-Point Program (4PP) was established in 2017 by members of Zeta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, led by Graduate Brothers Matthew Moheban (Zeta 2012) and Joseph Moheban (Zeta 2014). The name 4 Point Program refers to each of the 4 years of a Zeta FIJI’s undergraduate college experience, as well as the 4 points of the Phi Gamma Delta Black Diamond badge.

The purpose of 4PP is two-fold:

    1. To increase the pride in, engagement within, and commitment to Zeta chapter, as well as the academic performance of all Zeta FIJI brothers throughout their four years of their college experience
    2. To improve the 4-year development and outcomes for all brothers by tracking these same intangible qualities through tangible requirements and holding brothers accountable to specific standards unique to each year of their time at Zeta.

The Beechwood Educational Foundation (BEF) works with the Chapter cabinet and scholarship chairmen to award scholarship dollars each semester to undergraduate members based on academic performance and dedication to Zeta Chapter. An undergraduate brother must achieve a 3.50 GPA for the most recent semester while living in the chapter house, and must also demonstrate commitment to, and support of, Zeta Chapter through a formal evaluation system in order to qualify to receive 4PP scholarship dollars from the BEF.

The 4 Point Program strives to help Zeta Chapter continue our vision to maintain a leadership position among fraternity & sorority chapters at Indiana University and across the country. Given the rapidly evolving Greek community and the increasing performance and behavioral standards that have come with it, the 4 Point Program extends the formal membership requirements beyond our new member education program so that all brothers positively contribute to the fraternity’s history and legacy, while receiving the full benefits of lifelong brotherhood as a member of Zeta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta.