Recent Beechwood Educational Foundation Activities

Recent BEF Grant & Scholarship Activities

Since its inception, the BEF has provided thousands of dollars for funding for the library, computer tools and resources for undergraduates of the Chapter House.

Additionally, numerous grants have been awarded to brothers of Zeta Chapter to recognize achievements in scholarship, education and philanthropic endeavors.

Recently, through the Beechwood 2nd Century Campaign (B2CC), the BEF supported the educational components of the new Zeta Chapter House through commitments in excess of $6 million from nearly 220 Graduate Brothers of Zeta Chapter.

Our challenges are for the future and we appreciate the of past support and look forward to continuing our efforts in the years to come.

These listings recognize those generous Brothers who have made contributions in recent years to BEF and the B2CC. The listing is respectfully intended to be kept private and is for the sole use of BEF and its contributors.